Introduction to Protective Pistol (Enhanced Concealed Weapons Class)


This class is Idaho’s premier class for learning ¬†about Carrying a gun in public for the purposes of self defense. ¬†After completing this class, you will be qualified to apply for Idaho’s Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit (ECCW).


Introduction to protective pistol is our Premier Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit Class is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply for an Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit. This class is an introductory Class, but we won’t spend too much time learning shooting fundamentals. The Idaho Enhanced Permit shares Reciprocity with about 39 other states.

During this course, you will learn about a variety of topics related to Carrying of a Concealed firearms in public for the purpose of self defense.

These topics will include:

  • Handgun Safety
  • Defensive Marksmanship
  • Gun Handling
  • Personal Tactics
  • Idaho firearms laws and regulations pertaining to the Legal use of Force.
  • The Aftermath of the Use of force
  • Safe handling and storage of firearms
  • Situational awareness and threat assessment
  • Conflict avoidance and de-escalation strategies

The class will consist of both classroom instruction and practical exercises. You will have the opportunity to handle and shoot a variety of firearms under the supervision of certified firearms instructors. By the end of the course, You will have demonstrated proficiency in the safe handling and use of firearms, and will have an introduction to Idaho firearms laws and regulations.

Upon successful completion of the course, You will receive a certificate of graduation or completion, which can be used to apply for an Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit. This permit will allow the holder to carry concealed in a greater number of states than a standard permit

Prerequisites for this class:

  • Students must have be able to legally possess firearms under Idaho and federal law.
  • Be able to shoot Safely.
  • being a Gun expert is not required, but being at least familiar with safe gun handling is very helpful.

You will need to bring your own firearm and ammunition to the class, If you do not have a firearm please call us to make sure that we can arrange for one for you. You will need to bring your own eye and ear protection, as well as appropriate clothing for shooting outdoors. Loaner firearms and equipment may be available upon request.

The cost of the course includes all classroom instruction, range fees, and targets. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own ammunition. You will Need approximately 200 rounds.

The Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit Class is a 9-hour course, which includes 4-5 hours of classroom instruction and 4-5 hours of range time. If you are not able to attend the range portion of the class on the same day, that is OK, we can get you on the range at a time that meets your schedule. The complete Classroom portion is required before going to the range.

At Idaho Gun School, we are committed to providing the highest quality firearms training to our students. We believe that responsible gun ownership starts with education and training, and we are dedicated to helping our students develop the skills and knowledge they need to carry firearms safely and confidently.

Event Details

Venue: Idaho Gun School

Coordinates: 43.5960739, -116.5241496

Phone: 208.273.9880


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